Niamh’s Journey of Dreams


This lovely sister from Commune Utopia has some amazing things happening!


A new build is finished on Mistwood Isle!

Niamhs Journey Opening Poster

This time it has been a collaboration between CybeleMoon and myself. We took Cybele’s Tales of the Tuatha and turned it into a world.  Parts of her stories can be found in the storyboards on the sim, where you can follow in Niamh’s footsteps.

For the full tales, please look at: CybeleMoon’s Tales of the Tuatha.

Inspired by those tales and the pictures Cybele added for the atmosphere, I started painting and building. Working together, inspiring one another as we were building up the sim, we came to a finished project on Easter Sunday. And we are very proud of it!

Special thanks to Elwyn Lorefield for creating the fireflies.

Niamh's Journey - Firefly Forest

You can find the world of Niamh’s dreams here: Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

Make sure you wander and not cam from one point, cause there are multiple Windlight effects through the sim!

Niamh's Journey - Gate to Tir Na Nog 2 Gate to…

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Pillow Talk This Saturday April 15th!



Pillow Talk

An intimate conversation about Love, Sexuality and Relationships!

The topic for the upcoming Pillow Talk on Saturday at 12 pm SLT will be

“Real Feelings in a Virtual World.”

How do you explain your Second life in your regular life?

What do you do when emotions cross over different worlds?

Let’s talk about it!

Join us every other Saturday for discussions on love, sexuality, and relationships. This will be a voice enabled event, so be sure you can hear but feel free to type only.

April 15th 12pm slt

Join us for this lively Second life meet up!

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The O R I G I N A L S

The O R I G I N A L S

Coming soon! April 25th 8AM – 10AM

Through Owl's eyes...

Commune Utopia presents:


The O R I G I N A L S

April 25th

8 am The Vinnie Show

8:30 am Pol Arida

9 am Whirli Placebo

9:30 am Lazarus Doghouse

The O R I G I N A L S

is a show case of Second life’s live original songwriters.


These musicians are performing in second life,

writing as well as performing their own music.

These talented musicians share their heart soul and experience with us.

Original music and talented performers are alive and playing in Second life.

Come on out and give a listen!

You can find all of these musicians on


 or Second Life @

Indiespectrum Radio plays SL Musicians Original Music 24/7

you can request songs in real time via the website!

33074282654_3d0e5feedf_oTHE VINNIE SHOW

Winner of 2016 Avi choice for Favorite Acoustic and Original songs. The Vinnie Show delivers…

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Virtual Relationships

Virtual Relationships

Soon! save the date!

Through Owl's eyes...


Virtual Relationships

The word Virtual is an adjective its meaning has evolved with technology’s advance in our world. One Virtual definition is being in effect but not in fact or name or close to but not quite something. A new definition describes virtual as existing or occurring on computers or on the Internet.

Close to but not quite something would imply that a virtual relationship isn’t real. I would disagree with this in many ways, your experience of something you believe is always real. An emotional exchange can have the same effects on the psyche in virtual space as in physical space. Sharing time, love, humor and fun virtually can exude warmth and connection even virtually.

Friendships and romantic relationships have been and are more frequently being forged virtually. In some ways, a virtual relationship requires more thought and effort as subtle visual cues are nonexistent. In some ways, more open…

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