YES Live Blindboy Gumbo

YES Live Blindboy Gumbo

March 15th @ 11am Blindboy is back at Commune Utopia!

Through Owl's eyes...


Blindboy Gumbo is back!

Wednesday March 15th live @ Commune Utopia 11am

Your ride to the show click here.

Northern Englishman Blindboy Gumbo is a songwriter who blends an urban mix of slide guitar and Rock, with a hint of Alternative Country into an exciting spicy gumbo within an acoustic setting that is both familiar and inviting.

This Geordie knows how to use classic inspirations, to fuel a new generation of tunes to leave you with eargasms.

I Find Blindboy Gumbo to be a totally impressive musician.

Blindboy is an original songwriter, who is very creative and quite a talented and skilled slide guitarist.

He has a huge sense of humor, quite a sexy accent and a incredibly swank fashion style.

These things all combine to make him and his show memorable in every way!

Once you hear and experience Blindboy you will be hooked he shares a glimpse…

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Jed Luckless Winter Rocks Tour SL 2017

Jed Luckless Winter Rocks Tour SL 2017

March 6th & March 20th 5pm slt @ Commune Utopia!

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I was thrilled to get this announcement from Jed’s group:

“Jedtainment is pleased to announce the

Jed Luckless Winter Rocks Tour 2017!

Ten shows throughout the month of March

with amazing light shows and live webcasts from The Jedstead!

Hope to see you at a show :)”

Whoo hoo first night kick off of winter tour
at Commune Utopia March 6th – 5pm SLT.
Do come join us in second life here at Commune Utopia
Moondance Parx will be sharing her wild particle show with us!
I had to ask Jed some fan girl questions and being Jed
he recorded most of his answers for me Listen below .

The questions I had to umm coax out of him …

What is the sexiest thing a Fan has ever done for you?

I guess I need more fans cos im having trouble coming up…

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Dulcis Taurog @ Commune Utopia!

GALA ART PARTY in support of  LGBTQ Communities, especially the “T” in transgender–
SATURDAY,  March 4 from 12pm noon SLT–
Please spread the word this is special :))
By sheer coincidence the Commune Utopia is in the position to do something timely in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in response to recent discrimination in the form of removal of protections of transgender people. About 3 months ago I booked, in my capacity as co-Art Groover (art curator) at the commune, an artist named Taurog for our Artist of the Month program. She asked if she could “come as she is,” transgendered, and of course I said “Of course!” WE ARE THE COMMUNE UTOPIA ALL GENDERS ARE WELCOME!
The coincidence is that Taurog is our March Artist-of-the-Month, and she and I are combining the GALA ART PARTY, which for years has supported art in SL, with timely support of our LBGTQ community, with special emphasis on the “T.”
Our wonderful friend WINSTON ACKLAND will be PLAYING AND SINGING LIVE!! Expect some awesome music at the party!
And… Catori is making us a special build with a JUNGLE theme so LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD!! :))
NEXT SATURDAY,  March 4 from 12pm noon SLT 🙂 If possible, please help to get the word out–this is a chance to make a difference, however modest, in the fight to preserve human rights.
*Hugs!* Your Yoru

Soon @ Commune Utopia

“Jedtainment is pleased to announce the Jed Luckless Winter Rocks Tour 2017!
Ten shows throughout the month of March with amazing light shows and live webcasts from The Jedstead! Hope to see you at a show :)”
Tour Dates:
Hoot yeah we have him 2x
Jed Luckless is a songwriter and performer in Second life and RL. His relaxed vibe and jammy style has earned him the nick name Jammin’ Jed amongst his fanbase.  He truly grabs the crowd, connecting the live energies and infusing the music with passionate jams, cosmic drum solos and atmospheric spaces. Jed plays assorted cover tunes from a variety of classic rock artists, as well as a wide range of original songs.
He also live streams where you can see him switching instruments and live looping his show on The Jedstead ..
For more Jed info check his website

Love virtually

Love virtually

Through Owl's eyes...

32712263272_e51e1b3217_b Commune Utopia photo By owl

Love –  so much is encompassed in this one word.

A feeling as well as an action. A Mystery and Magic.

26614718936_793642ff39_b Drumming Rocksuryia by Fabio Lazuli

Love is very hard to put into words it brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy. Love can make you happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, angrier than you’ve ever been. It can elate you and deflate you almost at the same time.

 Virtually Love opens up a new world. Communicating through writing  this deepens interactions similar to romance letters did in romantic eras.

There is something magical about falling in love with someone’s mind and heart first then seeing their physical appearance.

The virtual world speeds up connections and emotional attachments. Sometimes opening up great experiences and feelings and sometimes crashing them apart really quick.

Virtual connections and feelings are real.

The virtual world…

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