Love virtually

Love virtually

Through Owl's eyes...

32712263272_e51e1b3217_b Commune Utopia photo By owl

Love –  so much is encompassed in this one word.

A feeling as well as an action. A Mystery and Magic.

26614718936_793642ff39_b Drumming Rocksuryia by Fabio Lazuli

Love is very hard to put into words it brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy. Love can make you happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, angrier than you’ve ever been. It can elate you and deflate you almost at the same time.

 Virtually Love opens up a new world. Communicating through writing  this deepens interactions similar to romance letters did in romantic eras.

There is something magical about falling in love with someone’s mind and heart first then seeing their physical appearance.

The virtual world speeds up connections and emotional attachments. Sometimes opening up great experiences and feelings and sometimes crashing them apart really quick.

Virtual connections and feelings are real.

The virtual world…

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Elo’s Ray of Light in Second Life


Inara pey came by to see Elorac Paule’s exhibit..

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Ray of LightRay of Light

I first encountered the art of Elo (Elorac Paule) at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery in an intriguing and key-catching display entitled Always Closer (see here for more). I was therefore delighted to learn from friend (and arts) Owl Dragonash, that Elo would be exhibiting Ray of Light, a selection of her work at Commune Utopia.

For those not familiar with it, Commune Utopia is a Bohemian community within Second Life with over 1800 group members. Founded by Sedi (Seductive Dreamscape), the commune celebrates creativity, passion, laughter, music and art, and fosters a caring, inclusive environment all are welcome to visit and enjoy – and join, if they wish. Owl handles a lot of the music and art aspects of the commune, and details on events can be found both on her blog, and on the official Commune Utopia blog.

Ray of LightRay of Light

With Ray…

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Hippiestock 2017

Hippiestock 2017

Save the date Jan 21st Hippie Brings Hippiestock back to sl….

Through Owl's eyes...

31631901346_4db73fda7d_oHIppiestock photo taken from Hippie Bowman’s flicker

Hippiestock 2017! Jan 21st 9am – 8pm

YES! All day long party and live Music!

You defiantly want to save this date and come by to join the party!

Hippiestock has been happening in Second Life since 2009.

Hippie Bowman puts this event on and originally came up with the idea to have a party with his second life Forum family.

Iam a late comer to this event but since 2014, I have gone to every one and loved it!

It is a party of the year not to miss!

24471221192_7a5be36126_bPeace from Tem Haalan HIppiestock 6

SO come on over Hippie is busy Building the site.

You are always welcome to come by and visit at

Lagrange Point Spaceport! Your teleport here.

16118419998_1ff8f73b62_bJed Luckless and skyfire at Hippiestock 5

See you there ~ Owl


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Through Owl's eyes...


Elorac Paule

Iam so thrilled to see  Lil’ Frenchie elo‘s work at Commune Utopia!

Elo’s work ranges from seductive, mysterious, sensual, sexy, passionate, sad, restrained, bound, hidden, loving, raw and real. Elo evokes feeling with her work it is palatable. You can feel the emotions she portrays in each piece. Her passion comes roaring through as clearly as the random still calm shots do.

Elo always manages to stir feelings and emotions in me with her work.

Come on by and see how her incredibly beautiful talent affects you.

Commune Utopia hosts an opening party Saturday January 21st @ 1pm slt.

Here is your teleport.

“The delicacy of the female beauty captured in “A Ray of Light” belies the strong contrasts that create a sense of something almost too perfect to belong to the real world– thus belonging imminently to SL. “ taken from Yoru’s announcement at CU.

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A Dream Story


One of Our Commune members Ceakay Ballyhoo created this amazing build .. go check it out

Through Owl's eyes...

Ceakay Ballyhoo is back with another artistic story.


The Little Girl and The Forest Beyond! 

This story flows through a girl’s pre sleep thoughts into her dream inspired by a painting.

CK shares this beautifully with her build and through her story.

As you follow the path through the sim and click on rocks the little girls dream is shared with you. (if you would rather read the story in its entirety you can on Ceakay’s blog.)


Winding through you feel as if you have stepped into a dream.

You can follow the story or go off on your own and explore.

So many details and things that warm the heart and make you smile!

The Little girl and The Forest Beyond is on Ck’s home sim which is home to her gallery.

Visit this inspiring tale here.

sl360@The Forest Beyond

Panorama By Eriko Littlebird

As you visit and take Photos please…

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Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis

Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis

Woot – rocky’s photos

Through Owl's eyes...

31042771320_be26179485_b Rocksuriya’s work photo by Owl

Commune Utopia is featuring the artistry of Rocksuriya.

‘Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis’

“A study in the virtual male form”

Rock tastefully shows off his physique in a erotic sensual way. The Real life look he acquires through his use of lighting and shadow. The way the light plays on the pixels brings to life the still forms, This exhibit is sure to tantalize your senses as it so softly eases the eye into appreciation of the male form.

I really love his play of light and flesh each piece draws your eye in making you imagine what you don’t see. Rock’s work brings a smile to your face and tantalization to your imagination.

31267444252_706994b86e_b Rocksuriya exhibit photo by owl

Do not miss this Artists show up at Commune Utopia through December!

Come see Rock’s work here.

Commune Utopia features a new Artist each month for info…

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Ellie has prepared a nice way to share christmas gifts for us!


Free Gacha Recycling Centre




Open 12 December
At the knitted tree, Commune Utopia
1) to “buy” a gift for free just left click to pay L$0.00 and then remember click again and TAKE your gift (it wont be delivered to you, as the elves are so busy)

2) Restocked every day – take 1 or 2 of your favorite things, and leave some things for other hippies, come again the next day for more treasures ❤

3) If you are able to, leave a donation for the Commune, but this is not expected, enjoy the free items 🙂

1) Do you have a garden shed full of unwanted gacha items?

* We cant put out high prim items, so no jewelery or clothing unless its in a bag or a box, furniture and decor items will be fine for recycling unboxed or unpacked 🙂 *

**gacha only, no freebies or full permission items that you have purchased, due to business rules around on-selling ***

2)Please bundle them up into a folder called RECYCLING. Send them to Ellerogue Resident, (IM me if you need help with this)

3) If you have a little gacha gambling addiction and have lots of items, consider becoming a volunteer at the Recycling Centre, so you can add your items for sale directly – please IM me if you want to volunteer – its heaps of fun!

Enjoy! Any questions? Not sure what gacha is? Ideas on how to improve the recycling centre?

Give me a call 🙂
xx Ellie (ellerogue)