Woodstock wednesday


Today Nov 8th we feature:

DJ Lucy – ღ  up at 11am

making us dance to hippie tunes

12pm Live Musician Midnight McCarty

You’ve heard the story – small town (real world) musician,

moved to the (virtual) big city to become a famous rock star.

Midnight is a SanFrancisco Bay area Musician in rl.

Today he shares his talented rock style with us!

Your teleport

Dj Bard Wasp
7-9pm slt
A Unique set of Garage Psychedelia
Most of what I’ll be playing are garage psychedelic and from mostly unknown bands with a sprinkling of more well known bands like Spirit, It’s a Beautiful Day, Jefferson Airplane, 13th Floor Elevators.
 Devoted to all those cool overdriven, fuzz laden, echo heavy, wha wha’d out sounds of the mid to late 60’s and even bands that came after them, emulating the same thing.
DJ Bard has been nominated for Av choice awards in the dj category : )

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