Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis

Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis

Woot – rocky’s photos

Through Owl's eyes...

31042771320_be26179485_b Rocksuriya’s work photo by Owl

Commune Utopia is featuring the artistry of Rocksuriya.

‘Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis’

“A study in the virtual male form”

Rock tastefully shows off his physique in a erotic sensual way. The Real life look he acquires through his use of lighting and shadow. The way the light plays on the pixels brings to life the still forms, This exhibit is sure to tantalize your senses as it so softly eases the eye into appreciation of the male form.

I really love his play of light and flesh each piece draws your eye in making you imagine what you don’t see. Rock’s work brings a smile to your face and tantalization to your imagination.

31267444252_706994b86e_b Rocksuriya exhibit photo by owl

Do not miss this Artists show up at Commune Utopia through December!

Come see Rock’s work here.

Commune Utopia features a new Artist each month for info…

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