Elo’s Ray of Light in Second Life


Inara pey came by to see Elorac Paule’s exhibit..

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Ray of LightRay of Light

I first encountered the art of Elo (Elorac Paule) at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery in an intriguing and key-catching display entitled Always Closer (see here for more). I was therefore delighted to learn from friend (and arts) Owl Dragonash, that Elo would be exhibiting Ray of Light, a selection of her work at Commune Utopia.

For those not familiar with it, Commune Utopia is a Bohemian community within Second Life with over 1800 group members. Founded by Sedi (Seductive Dreamscape), the commune celebrates creativity, passion, laughter, music and art, and fosters a caring, inclusive environment all are welcome to visit and enjoy – and join, if they wish. Owl handles a lot of the music and art aspects of the commune, and details on events can be found both on her blog, and on the official Commune Utopia blog.

Ray of LightRay of Light

With Ray…

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