Dulcis Taurog @ Commune Utopia!

GALA ART PARTY in support of  LGBTQ Communities, especially the “T” in transgender–
SATURDAY,  March 4 from 12pm noon SLT–
Please spread the word this is special :))
By sheer coincidence the Commune Utopia is in the position to do something timely in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in response to recent discrimination in the form of removal of protections of transgender people. About 3 months ago I booked, in my capacity as co-Art Groover (art curator) at the commune, an artist named Taurog for our Artist of the Month program. She asked if she could “come as she is,” transgendered, and of course I said “Of course!” WE ARE THE COMMUNE UTOPIA ALL GENDERS ARE WELCOME!
The coincidence is that Taurog is our March Artist-of-the-Month, and she and I are combining the GALA ART PARTY, which for years has supported art in SL, with timely support of our LBGTQ community, with special emphasis on the “T.”
Our wonderful friend WINSTON ACKLAND will be PLAYING AND SINGING LIVE!! Expect some awesome music at the party!
And… Catori is making us a special build with a JUNGLE theme so LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD!! :))
NEXT SATURDAY,  March 4 from 12pm noon SLT 🙂 If possible, please help to get the word out–this is a chance to make a difference, however modest, in the fight to preserve human rights.
*Hugs!* Your Yoru

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