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Fabio Lazuli & Dudecansing

Fabio Lazuli & Dudecansing


Fabio Lazuli ‘s art opening

@ Commune Utopia in Second life!

June 24th Saturday 2pm Slt
Dudecansing will be performing

PLEASE NOTE TIME IS A LITTLE LATER THAN MOST ART PARTIES.  The reason DUDE needed to reschedule was “due to being asked to perform at the SL14B event.” WOW nice! He is performing right after that, so we should get a SHOW TO REMEMBER!

And as for the art… SENSUAL, BEAUTIFUL, FEMALE MODELS, some will dance in your dreams for a long time–

speaking of which– COME DANCE AMONG THE ART!

Commune utopia Art field landing here.



Art at Commune Utopia

Art at Commune Utopia


This month Yoru Lamourfou our art director has brought

Charles Lawson aka Wildwestman

Artist  aka Wildwestman in Second Life utilizes techniques developed over 500 years ago.  Painting on hardwood boards covered with marble dust and building an image through the use of many dozen coats of thin oil pigment coats.   Many of the painting displayed have well over 25 coats of finest handmade oil paints.   This process develops a rich image depth, color richness and complexity to his paintings.

“A reflection in a closeup of riveting brown eyes of a woman… is she one of his traditional Japanese vistas, a serene Eastern beauty? Subtle brows shelter wide, almond mirrors of the soul, and her lashes are formidably luscious. Will her gaze remain in your mind’s eye, a woman you can never forget?” Yoru

I love the asian inspired theme Chuck Wildwestman went with.

The paintings draw the eye and bring you into the scene.

Do take the time to come check out his work

In the art field at Commune Utopia in Second life

Opening Party May 13th with


your teleport to the exhibit